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While the name ‘electrolysis’ might inspire thoughts of pain, the reality is that when performed correctly, it is a relatively straightforward treatment during which a very fine probe is inserted into the hair follicle and a tiny current  is introduced for few seconds.

The net effect, over several sessions, is that the hair is destroyed and no hair will regrow in that spot. The sensation is more prickly than painful. You won’t have to worry about cutting yourself with shavers or irritating the skin or deal with ingrown hairs and regrowth. It’s a simple, effective way to achieve 100% permanent hair removal.

Anyone that looks for electrolysis in Melbourne will most likely have tried out other forms of hair removal without success. Waxing, threading, shaving and plucking are short-term solutions that requires continued efforts to keep hairs away. Laser hair removal is another semi-permanent option that in certain hair types can worsen the hair growth, but with electrolysis, the difference is that you won’t have to continue your treatments into the future. Once you have completed the sessions required for your hair, you can depend on the results lasting.

Given that electrolysis is a very precise hair removal treatment, it is not as limited as other hair removal options and can, therefore, be used on all parts of the body and all hair colours including red, grey and white. As such, regardless of where you want to eliminate hair growth, this treatment can target individual hair follicles and bring about the results that you have in mind.

While on paper it might seem that electrolysis is a more expensive option, it is worth considering the cost in the long term compared to the alternatives. Your treatment plan is a one-off that will not need to be repeated, whereas shaving, waxing or laser will require continued investment for as long as you wish to achieve the same effect.

Electrolysis can be performed on any body area and on any kind or colour of hair. It is the only true form of permanent hair removal, more so than laser. Our electrolysis unit utilises a method known as thermolysis, which emits a high frequency energy. This energy heats up the surrounding tissue to destroy the hair bulb. Most of the heat is delivered deep into the hair follicle, protecting the upper layers of your skin. Once the bulb has been sufficiently heated the hair detaches and comes away, permanently destroying the hair over a course of treatments.



10mins | $30 – 35

15mins | $42

20mins | $50

30mins | $60

45mins | $70

60mins | $99


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