Wearing a Mask has become second nature to Victorians during the second wave of Covid-19, whilst it has taken a while for many to adjust and accept that this is part of our ‘New Normal’ it is keeping us safe and did play a very important role in getting us here.

However many of us have been struggling with the impacts of extended hours of mask wearing and the skin is all the worse for it! Mask-acne (Mask-ne for short) was the term coined for it. The warmth from our breath and with no ease for it to escape, the lack of light on our skin, the friction of the material rubbing against our skin or the nasty ingredients found in most makeup brands… whether it be all factors combined or perhaps only 1 or 2 of them, they all play apart in the break out and or congestion forming on our skin from wearing masks.

How do we combat this Mask-ne ?

Firstly the most important you can do is cleanse your face in both the AM & PM, if wearing make-up a double cleanse in the evening is crucial, ensuring that your face is as clean as possible goes along way to solving most issues. In clinic I have several cleanser options, if you prefer a makeup remover I suggest the Ginger & Me Luxe Cleansing Oil, this is perfect for makeup removal use 1-2 pumps and gently massage onto your face (no water required), it will loosen and break down all makeup including eye makeup and mascara. Rinse off with warm water and then proceed to your second cleanse with either Ocosmedics Gentle Antioxidant Cleanser or G&M AHA Milk Gel Cleanser thoroughly rinse & wipe your face free of all cleanser with your Skin Shammy.

Continue with your PM routine, apply 1 pump of your retinol with 1/2 – 1 pump of your preferred hydrator. Apply your eye serum and your skin is ready for bed!  A good thing to keep in mind is that while we are sleeping your skin cells  are working, so the easier we make it for them to complete their work, the better it is. This is why going to bed with your make up on is not recommended! The skin just can’t complete its work easily, it makes it a down right slog!

When you wake in the morning, a single cleanse is all you need – either in front of the mirror or in the shower, if its your hair washing day, remember to exfoliate as well! Ocosmedics Exfoliating Cleanser or G&M Power Exfoliant are both great to use in the shower, whilst rinsing out your conditioner, you can make sure your hairline is clear of any exfoliating granules!

Once dressed and ready to complete your face, apply your AM serums at minimum I’d recommend B3, Pure Age Defiance Serum or 3D Hyaluronic Serum + your preferred hydrator.

Mineral Pro 30+ untinted makes a brilliant PRIMER, a lot of primers on the market are filled with silicons and synthetic ingredients which while they feel great going on, they contribute to congested skins, black heads & millia.

The ZINC in the mineral pro is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, provides sun block and provides valuable ANTI-AGEING protection against damaging UVA + UVB rays.

The trick to applying mineral pro 30+ is to pat it on (no rubbing, this is when streaks appear), give it a minute or so to settle and then proceed to your makeup.

(if not wearing makeup you can opt for the tinted mineral pro 30+)

Makeup is one of the causes of the Mask-ne, so this is where if you can I’d advise you give your skin a rest from wearing it, as much as possible. With a mask on 1/3 of your face is covered) And I might add the higher end brands can be just as bad, if not worse, than the cheaper brands! There are many good Apps / websites that enable you to enter individual cosmetic ingredients and find out exactly what it is, how it impacts your skin and why it’s a ‘dirty ingredient’, many brands have already been fully analysed – do yourself a favour and find out for yourself!

Inskin has created a foundation- 1Skin, and there is a new powder to follow (thanks to Covid-19 it has been delayed) so if you get a fright after researching your current foundation / concealer / highlighter let me talk you thru 1Skin Foundations and Lotus Primer. RRP $59

Finally once you’ve completed your makeup or your having a makeup FREE day, apply a spritz of the Ocosmedics Biome Hydrating & Setting Spray.  RRP $55 Formulated to balance the skin biome, keep the skin hydrated and healthy ! This can and should be carried in your bag for a regular refresh as often as you need thru out the day! This spray can be used on ALL Skins, with or without makeup on !