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Clinic Booking / Cancellation Policy
A gentle reminder that I do not accept cancellations with any less than 48 hours notice.

Let’s face it. It’s a pretty messed up time. With Covid infections exploding again, flu, colds & coughs…

It’s frustrating for you.
It’s frustrating for us.

It’s not a way to run a business. And it’s also not a way to plan your schedule.

Upon booking, you receive an email confirming the date & time of your appointment.

If making your appointment in clinic you will also receive an appointment card with the date & time written on it.

An sms / email reminder is sent out 72hrs prior to your appointment, the cancellation policy takes effect from 48hrs prior to your appointment.

➡️ So if you have to cancel because you have double booked yourself, or you picked up a last minute shift at work – be kind and respect the fact that I held your appointment and booked my time for you – and come in.

Help me run a fair and sustainable business where I can support you, me and the business.

➡️ But if you have covid or covid like symptoms – don’t stress.

Focus on getting better and getting through and I will waive your cancellation fee and send you a bit of love and good vibes.


Blissful Skin Clinic / Kylie